5 Benefits of Prime 5D Virgin Coconut Oil

Prime 5D virgin coconut oil is guaranteed as the ‘lifesaver of wellbeing’ because of its flexible advantages and uses. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from coconut kernels. Then, it undergoes a few cycles like ageing, agitating (diffusive division), refrigeration and the compound activities. Post this oil is separated from dampness. The crude materials and cycle of extraction of virgin coconut oil generally is done under cold conditions.

Coconut oil is referred to as a superfood that has exceptional unsaturated fats that offer many benefits for healthy wellbeing that is somewhat difficult to find in other oils. 

How is Virgin Coconut Oil manufactured at Prime 5D?

  • Brown coconuts with more coconut meat are specifically chosen.
  • The hard coconut is cut with a sharp blade or knife. Generally, we use a brown colour coconut instead of green.
  • Our machines scrape coconut from the coconut meat present
  • Once the meat is extracted, it is further grated into coconut pieces or cut into small pieces
  • The coconut meat pieces are then processed at medium speed, mixed well, and water is added at equal intervals to make it a fine paste
  • The coconut milk is further extracted from this smooth paste at regular intervals until all the milk is completely extracted from the coconut milk
  • This coconut milk is left untouched for at least the first 24 hours. As it sets, the coconut oil and milk will separate and a curd layer will form at the top of the container
  • After 24 hours the top curd layer is separated & pure coconut oil, free from impurities is collected, packaged & shipped to all our customers
  • We take utmost care to ensure that the best coconut oil is produced that is fragrance-free & free from artificial colours & preservatives.

Benefits of Prime 5D Virgin Coconut Oil

01. Act as a superfood:

Virgin coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and can be utilized as a dietary food supplement. Coconut oil has a higher smoke point and contains lauric acid which is known to raise “good cholesterol” levels in the body. As it is solid at room temperature, you will need to melt it. Coconut oil withstands high heat, so it very well may be utilized in cooking, baking or as a replacement for butter and vegetable oil.

02. Act as an energy promoter

The fat present in coconut oil is quickly converted into an instant source of energy and does not lead to the building up of fat in the heart and arteries. It helps to boost energy and endurance. Prime 5D Virgin Coconut is beneficial in burning the adamant fat in the abdomen and aids in losing weight. Coconut oil as compared to all other edible oils is easy to digest and aids in proper working of the thyroid and endocrine system. Research suggests that coconut oil can boost the body’s metabolic rate by getting rid of the stress on the pancreas by burning energy and aids obese people to lose weight.

The essential fatty acids in coconut oil include lauric acid and monolaurin have strong antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties. These properties assist in managing various bacteria, fungi and parasites that cause several gut issues. This directly improves digestion.

03. Promotes hair growth

The nutrients and unsaturated fats available in coconut oil are very helpful to feed your hair scalp with the nutrients it wants and infiltrates the cuticle of the hair. Prime5D Virgin Coconut Oil helps fight fungal infections, keeps dandruff, flaking, itching at bay. Coconut oil gets deep into hair follicles, protecting your hair from breakage from roots to ends, and stimulating strong, healthy hair growth. It repairs damage & reduces hair thinning woes. The good old “champi” is the best way to get more benefits out of coconut oil for managing your mane.

04. Oil pulling benefits

Oil pulling is an ancient practice that involves swishing oil in your mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene. Oil pulling can kill bacteria in the mouth and improve dental health. It helps reduce bad breath and help prevent cavities. Oil pulling also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps maintain good gut health. Prime 5D Virgin Coconut Oil is the perfect solution to follow an oil pulling routine every day on an empty stomach for 20 minutes.

05. Nourishes your skin

Prime 5D Virgin Coconut oil  is made of medium-chain unsaturated fats which help to lessen dryness and permit your skin to hold moisture. Coconut oil offers a defensive boundary to your skin and helps to save you from natural dirt, heat and other pollutants that can harm your skin. There are different antioxidants and phytonutrients available in coconut oil that can help and support your skin and fight against stress that speed up indications of skin ageing.


As much as coconut oil is beneficial, it is slightly higher on calories, so ensure to burn those calories effectively. However, the benefits are significantly higher when compared to drawbacks.

Prime 5D Virgin Coconut Oil offers a number of emerging benefits for your health. With its amazing nutrient benefits, it offers holistic health benefits. From improving heart health, increasing good cholesterol levels, helps in losing weight, boosts skin & hair health, promotes digestion, improves immunity & alleviates the symptoms of infection.

Enjoy Prime 5D’s Virgin Coconut Oil in moderation & get maximum health benefits today.