• It helps to open airways and relax breath.
  • It help in preventing cold and cough.
  • It prevents respiratory infections.
  • Aromatic oil in it helps for healthy breathing.
  • It has significant role in decreasing bacterial colonization.
  • It supplement comfort easy breathing.
  • It adds to respiratory care.
  • Primary function on reducing distress during breathing.


  • Excellent aid in bronchitis gives good relief.
  • Increase vital lung capacity.
  • Gives relief from heavy breathing.
  • Small dosage can give good impact.
  • It prevents infection due to antibacterial property.
  • It makes breathing easy during acute condition.
  • It helps during allergy related breathing issues.
  • Apart from improving respiratory condition it help to improve immune function.


  • Ttalisa patra (abies webbiana)-75mg
  • Cheruthekku (cleodendron serratum)-30mg
  • Adalodakam leaf (adathoda vasica)-55mg
  • Vayambu (acorus calamus)-30mg
  • Erattumadhuram (glycyrrhiza glabra)-30mg
  • Thulasi (ocimum sanctum)-30mg
  • Kandakarichunda (solanum surattense)-160mg
  • Curcumin (curcuma longa)-30mg
  • Nilavaka (cassia angustifolia)-30mg
  • Velluthulli (allium sativum)-30mg


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