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Flax Seed Oil Capsules

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Prime 5D Flaxseed Oil Capsules are derived from flaxseed and are rich in dietary fiber, Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, and phytoestrogens. Extracted using the cold-pressed technique to preserve nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins, these capsules offer numerous health benefits. They support cardiovascular health, promote weight loss, aid in digestive health, stabilize sugar levels, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, and promote flexible joints. Additionally, they are high in antioxidants and lignans, which contribute to brain health, immunity, and healthy joints. The capsules are easy to consume and can be taken by pregnant women. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet after a meal, twice a day, with warm water for optimum results.



Derived from Flaxseed, Rich in Dietary Fibre, Omega 3-6-9 & Phytoestrogens

Key Features:

  • Rich in Omega- 3,6 and 9, Prime 5D Flaxseed Oil Capsules helps reduce high cholesterol
  • Plays an important role in burning body fat
  • Prime 5D Flaxseed is extracted using the cold-pressed technique to keep nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins intact
  • Phytoestrogens reduce the risk of breast and endometrial cancer
  • Supports healthy skin and nails
  • Supports cardiovascular system
  • High in Fibre, low in carbs that help promote weight loss
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Low GI rating that helps stabilize sugar levels
  • Lowers inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Promotes flexible joints and relieves stiffness


  • High in antioxidants and lignans
  • Promotes Brain health
  • Improves Immunity
  • Keeps Joints healthy
  • Perfect for keeping heart health in check
  • Ideal for treatment of arthritis
  • Increases bone density
  • Help treat menstrual cramps
  • Prevents blood from clotting
  • Can be consumed by pregnant women
  • Prime Flax also provides other nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, alpha-linolenic acid
  • Easily digestible soft-gel capsules make it easy to consume

How to use: 1 tablet after a meal two times a day. For optimum results, consume warm water.

Ingredients: Flaxseed


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