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Prime Meal

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Prime 5D Meal is a nutritious superfood powder infused with high protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, powered by ayurvedic herbs and superfoods. Low in calories and free from added sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors, this meal powder is designed to support weight management and overall well-being. With its high protein and fiber content, it helps control hunger pangs, boosts metabolism, and aids in weight loss. Additionally, it boosts immunity, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and promotes bone health and brain development. Vegan-friendly and easy to use, it can be consumed by dissolving two tablespoons of powder in 200ml lukewarm water or added to food as a supplement. However, it’s advisable to consult with a physician before consumption during pregnancy and lactation.



Nutritious Superfood Infused With High Protein, Vitamins & Minerals

Key Features:

  • Powered by ayurvedic herbs, superfoods, essential vitamins and minerals, the Prime 5D Meal is low in calories
  • High in protein and fibre, it keeps your hunger pangs in control
  • Contains no added sugar, preservatives and artificial colours
  • Prime Meal boosts metabolism and aids weight loss
  • Known to reduce sugar cravings, it also helps in burning fat
  • Boosts immunity and acts as anti-inflammatory
  • Prime Meal keeps you full for a longer duration
  • Due to high protein content, this meal powder digests slower and is present in the gastrointestinal tract for a longer period
  • High fibre content slows down the time taken for food to pass through the stomach and into the small intestine
  • High fibre also stimulates receptors in the brain that in turn keeps your hunger pangs in control
  • Prime Meal with its High Fibre also slows down the absorption of glucose in bloodstream thus regulating blood sugar levels in the body


  • Advanced formulation, fortified with proteins & dietary fibre will keep you full for 4-5hours
  • Free from side effects and healthy way to manage weight
  • Enhances the immunity of the body, repairs and nourishes the defence mechanism
  • Boost brain development
  • Promotes bone health
  • Provides energy throughout the day
  • High-quality ingredients ensure complete well-being
  • Vegan, no added sugar or preservatives

How to use: Two tbsp of powder in 200ml lukewarm water. Dissolve the powder and drink. Can be added to food too as a supplement to keep you full.

Ingredients: Folic Acid, Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate), Vitamin B12, Moringa, Alfalfa, Barley, Ginseng, Mangosteen, Noni extract, Colostrum, Spirulina, Calcium carbonate, Omega 3 fatty acid (flaxseed source), Vitamin C, Magnesium sulphate, Niacinamide, Zinc Sulphate, Vitamin E (50% Dry powder), Manganese sulphate, Calcium D Pantothenate, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Iodine, Pea protein extract

Caution: Check with your physician before consuming  during Pregnancy & Lactation


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