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Barley Green Food Supplement

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Prime 5D Barley Green Food Supplement: Your Ultimate Immunity Booster

Elevate your health with Prime 5D Barley Green Food Supplement, a powerful blend designed to eliminate toxins and fortify your immune system. Crafted with a potent combination of barley grass, Kalmegh, and Silymarin, this superfood capsule is your key to holistic wellness.



Superfood that Eliminates Toxins & Promotes Immunity

Key Features:

  • Barley has powerful antioxidants known for removing toxins from the body
  • Rich in 36 kinds of vitamins, it contains folic acid, beta carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vit B1, B2, B12, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Chlorophyll
  • Provides all essential amino acids that the human body does not produce
  • Rich in other minerals too like magnesium, phosphorous, which reduces gout and arthritis
  • Barley supplements also help in reducing excess water retention and decrease acidity
  • High in chlorophyll content, Prime 5D Barley capsules play an important role in boosting immunity, increasing energy, and improving skin health
  • Reduces inflammation of the digestive tract
  • Promotes bone health, aids weight loss
  • Boosts metabolism and gets rid of toxins
  • Prime 5D Barley capsules also contain Kalmegh and Silymarin along with Barley grass
  • Kalmegh is known to help fight allergies, skin diseases and purifies the blood
  • It also lowers blood pressure and regulates sugar levels
  • It also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in treating conditions like Arthritis and Gout
  • Another important ingredient Silymarin – derived from the milk thistle plant helps in the regeneration of liver cells
  • Treats viral hepatitis
  • Protects the liver against hepatotoxic drugs


  • Prime 5D Barley contains a Superfood combination – Barley grass, Kalmegh, and Silymarin that helps eliminate toxins, chemicals
  • Helps strengthen immunity and daily health
  • Helps indigestion
  • Restores pH balance in body thus reducing water retention
  • Promotes overall daily health
  • Antipyretic and natural Antibiotic
  • Reduces body puffiness
  • Combats obesity and maintains a healthy weight
  • Acts as antioxidant
  • Helps fight jaundice

How to use: To be consumed before food. 1-2 capsules every day with lukewarm water.


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