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Prime Slim Tea

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Enjoy a natural blend of slim tea enriched with antioxidants for a healthy, glowing lifestyle. This tea aids in weight management, boosts metabolism, relieves stress, and promotes clear skin. With a delightful flavor and no added sugar, it’s a nourishing choice for those seeking overall well-being. Just steep, sip, and savor the benefits of this gluten-free, preservative-free herbal blend, crafted with ingredients like Triphala, Nagarmotha, and Licorice.



Rich in Antioxidants That Keep You Slim & Healthy

Key Features:

  • A natural blend of ingredients improves body efficiency to burn fat
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Rich in nutrients, Slim tea gives an extra energy boost for workouts
  • Keep you full & satiated for longer
  • Helps fight acne & skin issues
  • Provides glowing skin
  • Removes excess fluids from the body
  • Provides antioxidants to curb oxidation stress


  • Brings out a youthful glow
  • Helps relieve stress & anxiety
  • Helps regulate blood pressure levels
  • Boosts metabolism & improve digestion
  • Soothing aroma & tasteful flavor
  • Helps replenish energy
  • No added sugar, no preservatives, gluten-free
  • Helps fight against allergy & acidity
  • High in antioxidants

How to use:

  • Pour freshly boiled water over infusion bag in a cup
  • Cover it and allow the tea to get infused for 3-4minutes
  • Remove the infusion bag
  • Add one tsp of honey
  • Slowly sip the tea
  • Enjoy the rich flavor & aroma
  • 1-4 cups can be used daily or as per requirement

Ingredients:  Tea, Triphala, Nagarmotha, Vaividang, Black Pepper, Fennel, Licorice


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